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Holistic #Tip for the Day 9

We’re still looking at clear the clutter this week (still trying to find my 100 things to ‘rehome’ :-))

Do you have lots of tins of half finished paint sitting around?

Community Repaint estimate that of the 332 million litres of paint sold last year, over 50 million litres will go goes unused. Community Repaint are a wonderful organisation with both an environmental and social objective – they help charities and community groups by collecting and redistributing usable waste paint from homeowners and businesses and as this paint would probably have been destined for landfill, they help the planet by finding a good use for it.

Clear the clutter, help the planet and support your community by donating all those paint tins thats are taking up space in your home or office 🙂

Workplace Colour Schemes

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