Elementals…holistic living provides Shiatsu massage, healthy lifestyle workshops and holistic interior design – all aimed at helping you to tread lighter on the earth and keep your life in perfect balance.

Elementals provides services aimed at individuals and workplaces and offer an enticing range of options aimed at both your own wellbeing and that of the natural environment…

Shiatsu massage is an amazingly versatile  complimentary therapy which originated in Japan and works to rebalance the bodies energy system.  We provide home, clinic and workplace Shiatsu – all tailored to suit your needs to allow you to gain maximum benefit from the experience.

Our Holistic Home workshops will help you create your own ‘sacred space’ using Five Element theory, natural elements, colours, textures, etc. Why not learn a new skill such as felting or stained glasswork and create some beautiful and inspiring artwork for your home.

We also offer an interesting range of eco-friendly products such as Mooncups, natural pigments, Caurnie soap, wildlife products, etc. Our most popular item at the moment is probably Moorlands candles – beautifully made vegetarian and vegan candles produced here in the UK.

People form the heart of any business so where workplaces are concerned, we deliver a range of inspiring seminars designed to help you and your colleagues cope with the stresses and strains of working life. Why not take an hour out of your day and sample our Workplace Shiatsu service and fit some relaxation into your busy day…

If you are an employer, use our Holistic Workplace Design service and let us help you create a truly ‘holistic’ , healthy, eco-friendly, inspiring and cost effective work environment to support your people.