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Holistic tips for wellbeing

New Perth Yoga Class Starting September…

If you stay in the Perth area, this new yoga class is definitely worth going to New Perth Yoga Class Starting September….


Tip for the Day – Beginners Yoga

If you are located near Perth in Scotland, why not try this great new Yoga class.

Yoga in Perth

Great for beginners and experienced folks alike….

Holistic #Tip for the Day 10

Well.. my plan to blog a new tip every day isn’t going exactly to plan…

I am working through clearing my 100 items though. At the moment, most of it seems to be recycling thats accumulated around the house since my recycling ‘place’ is being used for another purpose and our council run scheme is a bit ‘overflowing’ at the moment. We have ‘blue bins’ outside for paper, plastic, etc. but as there are six households using them and more people are now recycling (which is great), they fill up really quickly so the key thing for this week is to get a dedicated place for my own recycling established again so I can manage it better.

One great tip for keeping the ‘recycling’ clutter in your house down – get into the habit of taking a bag of recycling with you when you go to the supermarket. Most supermarkets now have recycling centres so this works really well.

Here’s a great list to get you thinking though – 9 common myths about clearing clutter from The Happiness Project

Holistic #Tip for the Day 9

We’re still looking at clear the clutter this week (still trying to find my 100 things to ‘rehome’ :-))

Do you have lots of tins of half finished paint sitting around?

Community Repaint estimate that of the 332 million litres of paint sold last year, over 50 million litres will go goes unused. Community Repaint are a wonderful organisation with both an environmental and social objective – they help charities and community groups by collecting and redistributing usable waste paint from homeowners and businesses and as this paint would probably have been destined for landfill, they help the planet by finding a good use for it.

Clear the clutter, help the planet and support your community by donating all those paint tins thats are taking up space in your home or office 🙂

Holistic#Tip for the day 8

Oops almost forgot to post todays tip…. Freegle and Freecycle are a great way to get rid of unwanted goods… Over the years, I’ve ‘rehomed’ lots of things from old fish tanks to bedroom drawers – there’s always someone who wants that item thats taking up space in your shed 🙂

Holistic #Tip for the Day 7

Clearing the clutter…. Where better to start than with this excellent idea The Hundred Thing Challenge – a book by Dave Bruno on reducing everything you own down to 100 items.

I probably have more than 100 items on my mantelpiece (37 actually as have just counted :-)) so would definately struggle BUT we do have a rule that if something new comes in, something else has to go to the charity shop so at least our total possessions remain at the same level.

If you think that reducing your entire possessions to 100 items would be impossible, then why not try reducing your possessions by 100 items via the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge by Be More with Less. The deadline for this has closed but there seem to be a few folks on the internet trying a similar idea so I’m going to try it as well.

I’ll let you know how I get on later in the month and will post a photo if I manage the 100 item mark…

Holistic #Tip for the Day 6

This week I thought we’d look at clear the clutter which I know is just starting to come into my focus at the moment.

How to define clutter? We all see clutter differently – some of us are drawn to minimalist spaces with hard surfaces and clean lines where the energy moves very quickly while others prefer ‘cosy’ supportive spaces with lots of ornaments, soft furnishings, etc. where things are more static and slower moving.

Clutter can exist in either of the above scenarios – it just has a slightly different definition but at its most basic, we could define clutter as:

‘anything we don’t want, need or like or that doesn’t have its own ‘place”

For me, its basically anything thats annoying me and leaches my energy as I keep thinking ‘must do something about….’ :-).

We live in a very small house and it can feel cluttered very easily – we have a lot of things in our house that for some people would be ‘clutter’ but I feel they focus the energy nicely – lots of nice ceramic hares, frog vases, bowls of pine cones, driftwood, crystals, etc. – basically anything that reinforces our connection with nature to me is a good thing.

Do you prefer the minimalist approach or do you love your clutter and if so, how does it affect you?

Holistic#Tip for the Day 5

Well… I nearly forgot to do anything for two days in a row – would like to say I had a good excuse but :-)…..

Continuing in the learn something new theme, today we’re going to look at Qi Gong –  the Chinese exercise for health used to improve our core-stability by working with the body’s physical and energetic centre.

Here’s some info on the wonderful Qi Gong class I went to on Saturday led by Anne-Claire Nusillard. Her way of teaching is amazing as she really focusses on feeling the effects and movement of Chi in the body so if you can get to her classes, either in Perth or Edinburgh, think you’ll find it well worth it… Here is an excerpt from her leaflet which gives info on L’Art du Chi method:

‘L’Art du Chi is a modern method teaching the subtle arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Adapted to the western practitioner, it gives clear step by step instructions to access the reality of Chi. It gives to each individual the tools to be in charge of their own development towards greater mind, body and spatial awareness.’Image

Holistic #Tip for the Day 4

Why not learn some holistic interior design techniques?

Holistic Interior Design as its name suggests looks at more than just the fashion aspects of design – it looks at what people need from their space, and how this can be balanced against reducing the environmental impact of the design while creating a balanced healthy home or workspace for the occupants.

We offer ‘The Holistic Home’ course which teaches you how to use sustainable materials and natural themes to transform your home into a balanced living space which is healthy for both you and the environment. Each module is ‘hands on’ and covers everything from effective use of colour and how to make wonderful things for your home such as stained glass panels to how you can make your own paint!!!. We’re hoping to run another introductory session in the Perth area soon so watch this space.Image If you’re interested in taking things further and gaining a Diploma in Holistic Interior Design, I can recommend the Holistic Design Institute who offer a distance learning course and certification.

Holistic #Tip for the Day 3

The theme for this week is learn a new skill so today we’re going to look at Yoga – perfect for balancing the body and mind and what better time of the year to start something new with lots of great classes beginning at this time of year.

Here’s one which is due to start in the Perth area next week – I’ve been to one of Carol’s classes before so can totally recommend them…

Yoga Classes, Bankfoot, Perth

For other classes in Scotland, visit Yoga Scotland for some great options for other locations or if you’re already practising Yoga and want to take it further, investigate their teacher training programmes.