Enliven your Workplace…


Are you looking to enliven your workplace?

Why not have a look at our workplace seminar program offering everything from tips on how to improve your general wellbeing to how to get the most from your environment.


These are mainly aimed at workplaces but can be easily adapted to individuals as well – we do our best to make theswe affordable for everyone so contact us for costs.

The Wellbeing Seminar

Using Five Element Theory as its basis, this popular seminar is designed to provide a ‘workplace toolkit’ to help you and your colleagues cope with workplace stress. During the seminar we look at five common areas of stress and provide a range of customised exercises you can use yourself when you feel you need a boost.

Some feedback from the Wellbeing Seminar…

Thanks for a really great Seminar last week, I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting and I could really relate to everything you were saying. We do all get caught up in our busy lives and what a difference it can make if you just step back for 5 minutes or so. I have been doing some of the exercises and it does make you feel better and more productive in fact. LM

Colour Your World

Have you ever noticed how being in the presence of a particular colour can make you feel differently?… sometimes you feel uplifted and other times drained. The Colour your World seminar explains how colour ‘works’, the Colour Wheel and some basic rules on how to use colour within the built environment. By the end of the seminar you will know what colours you need to support you….

Workplace Shiatsu

This seminar is an ideal addition to your Workplace Wellbeing scheme as it encourages individuals to take action before they start to feel the symptoms of stress or other work related illness.

This seminar not only teaches you about this wonderful complimentary therapy but provides you with some really useful ‘Self Shiatsu’ techniques and exercises to help you manage your own personal wellbeing and stress levels.

We’ll also cover some basic first aid acupuncture points, their uses and contraindications so you can use these with confidence yourself. Three half hour taster sessions are also included in the price* and dependant on your budget and requirements, we can also offer additional half hour taster sessions* so all your colleagues can really feel the benefits of Workplace Shiatsu.

Change your Life…

… with Intuitive Feng Shui. If your home or workplace is full of clutter and disorganised, there is a good chance that your mind is in the same state and this is bound to impact your abilities at work.

During this seminar, we work through the various concepts behind Intuitive or Black Hat Feng Shui and discuss the impact of ‘de-cluttering’ and addressing the problem areas within your home and workplace.

Some feedback from this seminar:

Many thanks for your time on Saturday. I felt inspired when I got home to de-clutter and spent all of yesterday sorting out my living space! It was extremely cathartic and I actually feel a sense of calm today (which was previously a sense of ‘cluttered chaos’!). So thank you. HM


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