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Saturday Morning Shiatsu in Perth, Scotland

We’re starting a Saturday morning Shiatsu clinic at The Althos Clinic in Kinnoull Causeway, Perth and would love to see you there.

Images courtesy of The Shiatsu Society

Shiatsu images courtesy of the Shiatsu Society

We’ll be there once a fortnight starting from mid August and you can either book a one hour treatment session for £35 or a half hour treatment for £20.

Next session is on Saturday 5th October at 10am…

Contact us today to book your treatment and experience the wonders of Shiatsu…


Discounted Home Shiatsu for Perth, UK

When I started practising Shiatsu, one of my key things was that it should be affordable for everyone. Shiatsu is one of the most brilliant and adaptable therapies around which rebalances the bodies energy systems – when energy (or Ki as it is known) stagnates, we can become ill.

Images courtesy of The Shiatsu Society

Shiatsu for Holistic Living (Images courtesy of The Shiatsu Society)

As costs keep rising, this is becoming more and more difficult but I’m still hopefully holding on to these values and allowing people to pay what they can afford where I can.

I’m going to be running some special offers over the next few months – low priced therapies for new and existing clients but the offers will have to be claimed quickly and there will be constraints on where and when you can recieve your therapy.

Some offers will just be discounted but some will be FREE for new clients who are able to receive their treatments at short notice.

Watch our WordPress site for more info or follow us on Facebook.

Discounts and Offers

Shiatsu on 14th June – Home Shiatsu for both new and existing clients for £25 on Friday 14th June 2013… so a £10 reduction for new clients...  

Constraints: Booking is essential and your session must be booked by 5pm on Thursday 13th June. You need to be located in Perth UK, have enough space to receive a Shiatsu treatment in your own home and be able to receive your one hour treatment on the 14th June.

Shiatsu Offer for Perth, Scotland

We have a Flash Offer on the go for the next 24 hours offering FREE Workplace Shiatsu to local businesses within Perth, Scotland who follow the steps detailed on the attached postcard and get in touch with us by 5pm on 9th April 2013.


Shiatsu is a brilliant and versatile therapy that is ideal for workplaces and if you run a shop or café – onsite Shiatsu can be a great way of attracting new customers to your premises.

 If you’re stressed out with a busy work schedule or looking for a much needed ‘boost’ to help you and your colleagues get through the day then its worth trying Shiatsu – you won’t regret it.

(Images courtesy of The Shiatsu Society)


Point for the day….. Heart Protector/Pericardium Six – ‘Inner Pass’ or ‘Nei Guan’

Friends and Family Shiatsu

Shiatsu, Perth, The Althos Clinic

If you’ve not experienced Shiatsu, its an amazingly versatile complimentary therapy which combines pressure, stretches and other techniques to release blockages in the bodies energy system.

It’s wonderful to receive and even better to be able to share some simple techniques with your families and friends.

Shiatsu Society Images

Images courtesy of The Shiatsu Society UK

Why not join us for this introduction to Shiatsu and learn more about this fascinating therapy.

Learn Friends and Family Shiatsu with Elementals

Shiatsu therapists undertake a three year training program with one of the many schools in the UK and if you’re looking for something new, introductory days like this are a great way to see if Shiatsu is for you.

Learn about some of the theories behind Shiatsu and take away some basic techniques which you can use to help yourself, your family and your friends.

During this two hour introduction to Shiatsu we’ll be covering:

  • Origins and principles of Shiatsu.

  • Useful acupressure points.

  • Self Shiatsu technique.
  • Plus a simple Shiatsu routine you can use yourself…..

The next Learn Shiatsu for Friends and Family session will take place at The Althos Clinic in Perth on Wednesday 27th March 2013 from 7-9pm and costs £20 per person. You’ll need to wear loose clothing and if possible, bring a yoga or other small mat with you.

Spaces are limited so please contact us to book your place.

Costs and locations for this and other sessions  will be posted here and on our Facebook page or contact us for more information.

(Shiatsu images courtesy of The Shiatsu Society – a great resource for all things Shiatsu) (Other images courtesy of Nuonsoft)

Workplace Shiatsu Special Offers – ‘Winter Freebie’ for Perth, UK

I know this will be a bit limited to the Perth area but I’m offering free Workplace Shiatsu to all local businesses within Perth, Scotland who follow the three steps detailed the image below and get intouch with me by 5pm tomorrow. 


Shiatsu is ideal for workplaces, wonderful for helping you cope with the stresses and strains of working life and our 20 minute tasters can easily be slotted into your working day.

To claim your ‘freebie two hour session (so up to six 20 minute tasters for you and your colleagues) follow the instructions in the image…

Holistic #Tip for the Day 1

January is a great time to set your sights on a new skill so this week, we’re going to focus our ‘Tip of the Day’ on some options. Shiatsu was a great learning curve for me and the learning process changed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Training ranges from basic beginners Friends and Family to practitioner training with a registered school. Why not see what Shiatsu could do for you?