Craft Bomb, Perth – what to look for and where

We’ve updated the ‘Where to Look Guide’ following last nights installation…. Hope you like our CraftBomb 🙂


Here is the guide to what to look for and where for this years Craftbomb, Perth.

If you’re not there yet and need directions, here’s a link….

If you’re using a Smartphone and have accessed this page via the QR code on the posters/tags on the craftbomb works, We’d be really grateful if you could let us know what you think (I don’t have a Smartphone so can’t test it :-)) and any feedback gratefully received.

We started setting up in the morning so the images from then are lovely, bright and sunny. When we returned with Sheila and Louise at about 7pm, the weather had changed and by the time we’d finished, it was starting to get dark so apologies for some of the later images.

So… here we go…. The Perth Craftbomb starts just before the existing Dragonfly sculpture and finishes near the wooden Ant sculpture…

Start near the…

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