Felt Dog – What do you think we should call him?

Woof Woof!!!

Here’s my little felted dog – needle felted from white Merino wool and completed last month.

Needle Felted Dog

Dog needle felted from merino wool

He sits about 10cm to 15cm high and is a ‘Heinz 57’ so modelled on various dog images that seemed to work well together 🙂 and some lovely dogs that I’ve met over the last few weeks.

Needle felted dog

He was made in sections (paws first as always as that seems to set the size for me) and then the head, legs and body last. You’ll see the head, lower jaw and tongue were all made separately to give the impression that he’s panting (or just waiting for a biscuit :-))



And now the problem…

Basically, we can’t decide on a name that suits him- we know he’s a boy but beyond that we’re stuck  so we decided to call on some help from the internet.

Needle felted dog

Have a look at the names we liked best and then maybe suggest one of your own.


One response to “Felt Dog – What do you think we should call him?

  1. what a lovely felt dog!

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