Holistic #Tip for the Day 6

This week I thought we’d look at clear the clutter which I know is just starting to come into my focus at the moment.

How to define clutter? We all see clutter differently – some of us are drawn to minimalist spaces with hard surfaces and clean lines where the energy moves very quickly while others prefer ‘cosy’ supportive spaces with lots of ornaments, soft furnishings, etc. where things are more static and slower moving.

Clutter can exist in either of the above scenarios – it just has a slightly different definition but at its most basic, we could define clutter as:

‘anything we don’t want, need or like or that doesn’t have its own ‘place”

For me, its basically anything thats annoying me and leaches my energy as I keep thinking ‘must do something about….’ :-).

We live in a very small house and it can feel cluttered very easily – we have a lot of things in our house that for some people would be ‘clutter’ but I feel they focus the energy nicely – lots of nice ceramic hares, frog vases, bowls of pine cones, driftwood, crystals, etc. – basically anything that reinforces our connection with nature to me is a good thing.

Do you prefer the minimalist approach or do you love your clutter and if so, how does it affect you?


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