Holistic#Tip for the Day 5

Well… I nearly forgot to do anything for two days in a row – would like to say I had a good excuse but :-)…..

Continuing in the learn something new theme, today we’re going to look at Qi Gong –  the Chinese exercise for health used to improve our core-stability by working with the body’s physical and energetic centre.

Here’s some info on the wonderful Qi Gong class I went to on Saturday led by Anne-Claire Nusillard. Her way of teaching is amazing as she really focusses on feeling the effects and movement of Chi in the body so if you can get to her classes, either in Perth or Edinburgh, think you’ll find it well worth it… Here is an excerpt from her leaflet which gives info on L’Art du Chi method:

‘L’Art du Chi is a modern method teaching the subtle arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Adapted to the western practitioner, it gives clear step by step instructions to access the reality of Chi. It gives to each individual the tools to be in charge of their own development towards greater mind, body and spatial awareness.’Image


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